Our Services



Fixes directly over the Internet

Home visits and telephone assistance

Help - Support - Advisory

Advice in all areas around the information technology IT

Creating websites and online shops




Repairs or new Install

Virus remova

Upgrade Hard- & Software

Set up internet access and e-mail

Wireless networks W-Lan, D-LAN and Ethernet

Set up hardware and peripherals

Setup VPN / RDP / FTP access

Data Recovery (retrieve lost / deleted data if possible)

Installation of surveillance cameras inhouse


Service hour (at least 15min.)

chf 140.-

Remote maintenance minute (min. 15min.)

chf 2.40.-

Training hour

chf 80.-

Package deals Virus check / cleanup

chf 200.-

Operating system reinstallation

chf 300.-

Performance optimization

chf 120.-

Data recovery on success / effort until failure is determined

chf 500.- / 180.-

Express surcharge

chf 300.-

Create homepage standard 6 pages

chf 600.-

Flat rate Journey up to 30 min

chf 100.-


  • Repair fee does not apply when placing the order
  • Travel expenses are offset at the normal hourly rate when the destination further than the 30min drive from our domicile.
  • Package deals are carried out exclusively in our office.